WordCamp Norway, Online Payments – Welcome to the Jungle

I had the pleasure of presenting at WordCamp Norway during the weekend. This was my first WordCamp talk in English so I was actually a bit nervous before I got up on stage.

In the end I think the talk went ok. Thanks everyone for coming and for the feedback. Continue reading WordCamp Norway, Online Payments – Welcome to the Jungle

Goals and ideas for 2014

I have a lot of entrepreneur’ish ideas that pop out of my head all the time. New company ideas, new product ideas, new service ideas. My closest family have become quite used to these ideas so they just nod their head and smile when I present new ones. I also got a brother whom I constantly feed new company ideas (he’s a car mechanic but with a small ambition to one day do something more creative with the land he’s owning). I guess I can only say that he’s not fallen for any of my ideas yet.

Continue reading Goals and ideas for 2014

Reflecting on 2013

It’s just a few days left of 2013. When you’re fully occupied with regular work it’s not easy to see what you’ve actually accomplished, but these days between Christmas and New Year’s gives us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what has happened in the last 12 months. Personally, I think it’s been a great year. An intense year, but a great year. Continue reading Reflecting on 2013

WordCamp Europe – a recap

This weekend I went to Leiden, The Netherlands, together with my colleague Andreas to attend WordCamp Europe. To sum it up right from the start – it was just great!

If you never have been to a WordCamp before it could briefly be described as a geek conference about WordPress. If you have been to a WordCamp before, this one was probably larger and “more of everything” than most others. Continue reading WordCamp Europe – a recap

Display cart total weight on the cart page

I have been working on a project lately where we have been using WooCommerce to make an estimate and order confirmation system. In the end the system works as a regular e-store but initially there are no prices displayed on the website and we’ve added a bunch of project specific features.

Since the products often where shipped by helicopter, the order weight was of interest to the customer from the beginning. So if you want to display Cart total weight on the Cart page, here’s how you do it: Continue reading Display cart total weight on the cart page

Moving from client work to selling products

I’m running a small web development agency. We’re two people (myself and Andreas Larsson) working full time, and another two who’s doing a few hours per week. Most of the time we’re developing WordPress websites for small and medium sized companies in Sweden. Continue reading Moving from client work to selling products