Reflecting on 2013

It’s just a few days left of 2013. When you’re fully occupied with regular work it’s not easy to see what you’ve actually accomplished, but these days between Christmas and New Year’s gives us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what has happened in the last 12 months. Personally, I think it’s been a great year. An intense year, but a great year.

So, what has happened?

Well, for example:

  • We (Krokedil) have arranged 4 WordPress Meetups in little Arvika,
  • I’ve attended WordCamp Norway and WordCamp Europe.
  • I’ve attended WebCoast.
  • We have extended our collaboration with Aztek Design.
  • We’ve hired Victor Nyberg as a developer at Krokedil.
  • My wife has started working part time at Krokedil.
  • We have released a PayEx and a Klarna Checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce.
  • We have decided to shift our main focus from consulting to selling plugins/extensions/products.
  • I’ve started working more on the business (instead of in the business) with the help of the business coach Lennart Augustsson at Akka AB.

Did I learn anything?

I’m sure there are a lot of things I’ve forgotten to mention here but that’s not important. The important part is to realize that even if 2013 has been a year where I many times had the feeling of being one step behind, it’s been a year where we actually moved forward. Stuff got done. We did help people and companies. It even seems as they are pleased with our work.

Several of the points mentioned above could certainly have been planned or executed in a better way. I definitely have some ideas for what I want to do next year and how this should be done, but I’ll leave that for another blog post.

How about your year? Are you satisfied with the one almost coming to an end and looking forward to a new one?

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2013”

    1. Tack så mycket Alex! 🙂 Både tror och hoppas på att vi kommer att ha ännu mer kontakt med er på Klarna under nästa år 🙂

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