WordCamp Europe – a recap

This weekend I went to Leiden, The Netherlands, together with my colleague Andreas to attend WordCamp Europe. To sum it up right from the start – it was just great!

If you never have been to a WordCamp before it could briefly be described as a geek conference about WordPress. If you have been to a WordCamp before, this one was probably larger and “more of everything” than most others.

Finally meeting people face to face

The presentations at these conferences are great, kind of a good nurture for the web developers mind. But the best part is to actually meet people face to face. People that you communicate and chat with online and now all of a sudden get to talk to in real life. Many of them for the first time.

In some case Twitter avatars really get stuck in your memory. It was a bit embarrassing when James Koster had to introduce himself before we could say hi (James Koster from WooThemes that is, it ought to be the other way around). Actually I can’t blame the lack of long hair anymore, it was quite some time since he got the big haircut. So I blame the glasses Jay, haven’t seen you in them before ;).

And it was great to finally meet people like Coen Jacobs, Mike Jolly and Slobodan Manic (who recently moved to Sweden – welcome up north Slobodan!).

Old acquaintances… and new ones

Likewise it was great to catch up with Milan Ivanovic, Bjørn Johansen and Scott Basgaard from the Norwegian WP community and Daan Kortenbach, Mario Peshev, Marko Heijnen and Noel Tock.

And since I’m name dropping here I must say that it was inspiring to get a chance to talk to Simon Wheatley from Code For The People and Otto (even though it was at the pub North End late Friday night).

The Drads

The biggest moment was probably when Andreas and I just got to our hotel on Friday and suddenly we stood right next to Dre Armeda and Brad Williams from The Dradcast. I was on my way to shout “Show me a bar trick”, but since English isn’t my first language it would most certainly have sounded something like “Shoauma… hi… my name is Niklas”. But I got to talk to Dre later on (thanks once again – The North End), so I’m happy.


I also signed up as a volunteer, a very good way to get involved and get to know even more people. I certainly got off to a bad start by missing the Saturday morning meeting (sorry once again Remkus), but after that I think I did pretty good at the registrant desk and as a “mike runner” in one of the conference rooms 🙂

I realize that I have mentioned at least 15 people now and not said a word about any of the presentations. If you want to know more about them I suggest you head over to wordpress.tv in a few days, hopefully many of them will be published there by then.

Personally, I’m just going to relax for a while and enjoy the fact that I did meet so many great people in just one weekend. Over and out!

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